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Criminals On Camera

It's time for burglars to make a career change. It's simply become more difficult than ever to get away with crimes. As more people are attaching affordable video surveillance cameras to their alarm systems, it has become easier to identify intruders. But that's not the only reason for burglars to change vocations. The other big reason is that victims are fighting back; exposing intruders and their crimes by posting break-in footage on the internet for the whole world to see.

An example of this is in this first video posted on YouTube by jamiedog. He had been burglarized the day before Thanksgiving and said, " All persons involved were captured, charged, and sentenced." He edited his surveillance footage showing how these criminals knocked politely on his door at first, and then came back with a crow bar to break in.

Joining this trend are police departments across the country, who are now posting break-in footage on the internet. As an example, the Virginia Beach Police Department posted this video on YouTube, asking for help to identify a suspect who broke into a business.

Local news stations are also airing video surveillance footage on television and the internet to help their communities solve crimes. In this next video, a news station in Georgia (WSB-TV), posts this video on YouTube of their newscast, hoping to get more answers about a home invasion. The homeowner explains how his camera system helped police to identify and charge the man who broke into his home.

If the higher chances of getting identified and convicted are not enough to inspire a career change, burglars should consider the long-term consequences. After all, jail time has a release date, but YouTube exposure can last forever.

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