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Finally. Corporate level cyber protection for your small business.

You've gone to great lengths to secure your computer networks and company data. You most likely have the latest anti-virus software and keep all of your running software up to date. Perhaps you've even hired an IT professional to install a firewall and segment your networks. Even after all of that, is your business truly protected from today's advanced cyber threats?

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Well known companies like Target and Home Depot frequently make headline news when their networks are infiltrated by experienced hackers. Yet it's actually small businesses like yours impacted most, incurring 81% of all data breaches.

Finally, there is a REAL solution to protect your business from today's advanced internet threats; the Vyanet Digital Shield. Created by a seasoned team of cyber security's top IT professionals, you can now receive the same high level of network protection as large corporations and government offices. Finally, you can have real peace of mind knowing that your business is fully protected from all forms of cyber attack.

If you would like to learn more about our internet security service, please read our fully informative page Cyber Security Features.

Call All Protection Alarm today to learn how you can protect your business from data breaches and internet threats.

business security system
Commercial Burglar System


Business Security System

Does worrying about your business's security keep you up at night? Install a Lake Arrowhead Security customized business security system.

We'll keep your business safe with round-the-clock monitoring, every day of the year and, with remote access using mobile apps, you'll be able to manage it all remotely. Imagine being able to lock and unlock doors, watch video feeds, turn lights on and off, and set the thermostats, all remotely from your smartphone or PC.

video surveillance systems
Video Surveillance


Video Surveillance Systems

Watch what's going on with live video feed!

Want to take a glance to see if everything's okay at the office? If you have a laptop, smartphone or any web-enabled device, you’ve got everything you need to look in on your business wherever you are over a highly secure Internet connection. Check in on staff or vendors, review last night’s activity, or view live video after notification of an alarm event. Whatever your needs, Lake Arrowhead Security has a solution for you.

com mvideo



Full power - 24 hour Monitoring.

That's what you get with Lake Arrowhead Security. We combine the most advanced security technology and equipment with highly trained personnel to provide you the highest quality monitoring 24 hours a day.

Lake Arrowhead Security accesses the most accurate and current information of regional geography, events and weather related to your neighborhood and city. Thus, we are able to provide quick emergency response and deliver accurate information to first responders such as police officers, paramedics and firefighters.

Great care is taken to ensure Lake Arrowhead Security's central station is always up and running, your protection being our number one priority. We achieve this with redundant storage systems and monitoring equipment as well as fail-safes against power outages and other crisis situations.

Lake Arrowhead Security boasts an overall superior system of monitoring security and fire alarms to protect your business and staff at full power each 24 hours.

com maccess
Access Control Systems


Access Control Systems

Take control of who's entering and exiting your facilities. This is a prime example of smart preventive measures that promote employee safety, discourage burglaries and vandalism, protect assets, and track staff and vendor traffic. Using technology such as electronic locks, keypads, and proximity/card readers; you'll be able to completely manage, control and monitor access to your facilities.

com wireless
Reliable Communication


Reliable Communication

Full Power-24 Hour

Having your security system communicate reliably with our central monitoring station is the key to protecting your home or business 24 hours a day. Lake Arrowhead Security’s cellular, radio, and Internet communication options make it possible for your business security system to communicate with us without the use of vulnerable landlines. Cellular and radio communication function even when the power is down, and these wireless systems have no lines that can be maliciously cut to disable alarm communication. These are reliable, cost-effective communication solutions for those who live in the digital age – and want their security system to live in it too.

Rest assured, your business security system will remain fully powered all day, each day. Lake Arrowhead Security will not let you go unprotected, even for one minute.

com control
Remote Access


Remote Access

Travel is no longer an issue: remotely control your business security system!

Web and mobile device applications allow you to remotely access and control your Lake Arrowhead Security system as well as receive event notifications. You'll be able to monitor your business remotely from your mobile device or computer, ensuring peace of mind.

What does this mean?

  • Remotely set the alarm. No matter where you are, you can always arm it from your mobile device.
  • Stay in the know by receiving text or email messages alerting you of alarms or other events.
  • Control your alarm system from anywhere in the world!
  • Add a video surveillance system and view the video feed remotely. Check in to see when your employees or vendors arrive or leave.
  • Add smart automation to remotely control lights, locks, and thermostats, the possibilities are endless!

At home, work, or traveling the world… you'll be able to easily check on your business's safety and verify that all is well.

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At Lake Arrowhead Security, we pride ourselves at being experts on educating and advising clients about all available security and smart automation system options.

During our free on-site assessment, our security professionals will ask questions about your security needs and offer valuable expertise and tips to educate you on security and smart control solutions. Solutions range from traditional burglar, fire, and video surveillance systems to comprehensive smart automation solutions. Smart automation solutions allow users to remotely arm and disarm their systems; access real time video; and manage thermostats, small appliances and lights all with the push of a button. Together we will design an effective and affordable package to manage your home or business 24 hours a day without fail.

Lake Arrowhead Security has led the way in keeping communities safer with sound security solutions as well as reliable and respected expertise. Call Lake Arrowhead Security now for a complimentary on-site security consultation and take one step closer towards peace of mind.