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Lake Arrowhead Security clients managing their alarm system from their smartphone

Why More People Are Managing Their Security Systems from Their Smartphone.

If you have a smartphone, you probably find you use it for almost everything. According to a 2015 Pew Research study, most smartphone owners use them as their main way to interact with the online world. You most likely use your smartphone to check your email, social media, and calendar, as well as to search online, watch videos, order food, and navigate with its GPS.

With so much of our lives already on this little device, it makes sense that so many of our customers now prefer to manage their security systems from their smartphone. Here are the Top 3 reasons our customers keep giving for this preference:

  1. Quick and Easy

  2. Most of us carry our smartphones with us everywhere. That makes it a very convenient way to check in on your security system and feel assured that everything is secure while you're away. It also allows you the ease of arming and disarming as needed, whether you're at your kid's soccer practice or in a work meeting. This can come in handy when you have babysitters, housekeepers, or children who can forget their code. It also helps for those moments when you leave the house and can't remember if you set the alarm or not.

  3. Video Access

  4. You no longer have to wonder what's going on at home while you're away. Many of you have expressed that you appreciate using both indoor and outdoor cameras to keep a protective eye on things. Others have used their video feeds for added conveniences like checking in on pets or looking to see that their children arrive home from school safely.

    Lake Arrowhead Security smartphone showing surveillance of children arriving home.

    One of the best aspects of having video surveillance on your smartphone is that it greatly reduces false alarm dispatches. Once an alarm goes off, having a look at your video feed can quickly reveal if it is a false alarm or an actual break-in. Such immediate information of an actual burglary in progress can mean the difference between catching an intruder - or letting him go free. This is because police consider a verified burglary in progress to be a higher priority alarm call than an unverified alarm.

  5. Complete Control

  6. There is nothing more satisfying than having complete control over your security system, especially when it is within reach, wherever you are. For all of you smart automation customers, you have enjoyed the added advantages of controlling pretty much everything else as well. Some of the feedback we've received tells us that you appreciate being able to turn on your lights when you arrive home at night so you don't have to enter a dark home. Many of you have also mentioned you like the ease of your automatic door locks and being able to adjust your thermostat when you are out of town.

    Lake Arrowhead Security diagram of smart home automation features

    One side effect of having this much control at your fingertips is that it seems to bring out the prankster in some of you. Our home automation customers have been known to do things like spook their children with flashing lights or playfully lock and re-lock the door as their spouse is trying to leave. Pretty sneaky. Your stories keep reminding us that there is a fun element to all this technology as well.

Client laughing at prank he played using Lake Arrowhead Security home automation system.

Whether you're a Mobile Access security hardliner or a fun prankster, one thing is certain; more of you than ever appreciate the ease of managing your security systems from your smartphone. Thank you for sharing your stories and letting us know what you like best about this service.

Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by Lake Arrowhead Security.

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