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Who's That Knocking On Your Door?

Now you can always know the answer to that question, whether you're home or on family vacation three states away. Answer your door from anywhere you are with the new Smart Alert Doorbell Camera. It allows you to communicate in real time with any new visitors using a live video and audio feed sent straight to your smartphone.

We've received many recent requests for this newest security feature and are excited to now be able to offer this to our Lake Arrowhead customers! The Smart Alert Doorbell Camera works seamlessly with most of our client's existing security and smart home systems. It has all of the features many of you have been asking for:

  • Video clips recorded of every front door visitor.
  • Clear night vision HD camera.
  • 2 way live communication with visitors from anywhere you are.
  • Full 180° view from your doorbell camera.
  • Extreme weather resistance: works from -40° to 140° F.

  • How it works:

    When a visitor arrives at your front door, your Smart Alert Doorbell Camera will send an immediate alert to your smartphone. If you're home and the visitor rings your doorbell, you will also hear a chime inside. Your doorbell camera will notify you of anyone who comes to your front door, whether they ring your doorbell or not. With its 180 degree motion detector, the Smart Alert Doorbell Camera catches every new arrival - even if they just quietly drop off a package and leave.

    Activity log on smartphone for Lake Arrowhead Security client.

    Once you receive the alert on your smartphone, you will receive a live audio and video feed from your doorbell camera, which is equipped with both a microphone and speaker, enabling you to easily chat with your new visitor.

    If you miss the alert on your phone and weren't home to hear the doorbell chime, you can review the recorded video clips of your visitors on your phone later at your own convenience.

    Delivery for Lake Arrowhead home owner.

    Does the Smart Alert Doorbell Camera sound right for you? If so, please call Lake Arrowhead Security so we can schedule your professional installation soon: 909-337-2023.

    Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by Lake Arrowhead Security.

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